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Minutes of the HACTAC Meeting of March 19, 2014

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The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm

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Station Report - Simsbury:

Teagan reported that they have a couple of major priorities they have been dealing with since last year. The station has had several board vacancies that occurred for a variety of reasons. They are focusing on increasing their capabilities especially in really critical areas such as marketing, finance, event planning and IT. These are areas that have been identified that they could have additional strengths in. Teagan asked that for anyone that may know anyone or any business owner in Town please reach out to them. The station has one full time station manager. They have brought on a part time assistant this past year.

Another key issue for the station is fund raising. Looking to increase the stations paid employees and bring on more hours for people. They also have aging equipment, whether it is things that break, or things they are looking to replace to come into next generation technology. Two huge efforts they are focusing on in the fund raising efforts this year are increase the ability to increase hours and planning long term for purchases.

The station is doing an outreach to business owners and as part of their fundraising, they have a business sponsorship. Looking to other types of events, activities of the fund raising nature over the coming year which she feels will become critical in order to keep their current capabilities and for bringing the station up to better technology types and standards.

Dick asked Teagan how many volunteers they have at the station. She advised they have 30 but some of them travel and some are busy so getting more people involved on a volunteer basis is another important area for the station.

Dick asked if SCTV was cooperating with any other station for programing? Teagan advised that it was really great to be invited to the meeting today and to be able to meet some of the folks that are in our area so that the station might be able to collaborate on important things that are going to be effecting all the stations. Something else Teagan feels is going to effect all the stations and something HACTAC might be able to help them with is the current state of grant writing.

Dick advised that the grants should be coming back. Jen reported that there is a bill that is still in Energy and Technology so if anyone knows anyone, contact them and let them know how you are harmed with the elimination of the grants. John advised that he has not heard anything definite yet. Teagan asked if there was anything the stations could do either individually or collectively.

Dick suggested that each of the stations go back to their Board of Directors and have a letter drafted to their State Representative asking them to help them locally.

Teagan asked how much was available the last time they funded grants. Jen advised that according to PURA, they get $800,000.00 per quarter, with 50% of the funds allocated for public education and government.

Dick asked Karen if they have shared Simsbury programs with others. Karen advised that it is still up to the producers to do so.

Dick asked Teagan to talk about the government and educational programming at the station. She advised that the station has dramatically increased governmental programming. The servers were replaced at Town Hall so they are physically located there. Very volunteer dependent. She would like to address how upgrading technology can make taping not be so reliant on individual volunteers. SCTV also does a lot of off site filming of events around town. Teagan would like to see more coverage on the educational channel. Also volunteer dependent. There is more they could do but volunteer and resource dependent.


A motion was made by Carol Hartman and second by Dave Raney to accept the February minutes as corrected. Motion passed. East Hartford abstained from voting.

Treasurer's Report:

See Attached. A motion was made by Bill Stephenson and second by Carol Hartman to accept the February Treasurer's report subject to audit. Motion passed. Motion did not pass.

Town Reports:


Jesse advised that at the last Board of Education meeting a suggestion was made by one of the Board members to put some content on our site about the good things that are happening in Bloomfield. That suggestion will be forwarded to the station very soon.

East Hartford:

Irene reported that it was a busy February due to budgets. The high school is fortunate to have someone at the school to record meetings and different events. The station does a lot with the Rotary and Lion's Club. Six more cameras have been mounted on the wall as part of the station equipment upgrade.


Jeffrey advised that the station is getting ready to do their next 13 week program. The Executive Director Billie Spruce resigned. New Executive Director is Gil Martinez.


Update given in Station Report. Nothing additional to add.

West Hartford:

Jen advised that it is a busy time for budgets. The Board approved the Cloud project. Going together with Newington and Windsor as a first beta test. The reason for joining the Cloud is their technology is reaching the end of its life and the station needs to make some decisions on what they are going to do. So far everything is going well. Looking at a May 1 launch.

Station just did the basketball championships and has been involved in a concert series.


Carol advised that the only thing the station has been doing is the Cloud service, which is where you put your programming up in the Cloud and other people can access them. Making plans to get the new edit machines in place.

Bill added that the biggest change coming soon is that the station will stop burning things to DVD. There will be no physical storage. Everything will be Cloud, server, back up server. Bill also reported that after an Executive Session last night, the Board approved to change the station manager position to a paid position with vacation and sick time.


NOTE:All complete reports appear in the DPUC reports available on-line from the DPUC. See below for e-mail address.

Dick passed a payment check to Comcast.

John would like to get some additional information on the Cloud. He asked if there is a formal agreement. Jen advised that they have an agreement with Mills Pond Media at this time. Mills Pond will buy storage on the Cloud server and the three stations that are part of the agreement will share in the fees.

After some discussion, Dick asked Jennifer to come back next month to review the capabilities and requirements for the Cloud.

The incentive program that Comcast started three years ago which provides internet service to children on the free or reduced lunch program for $9.99 per month has been extended indefinitely. Comcast sponsored the 40th anniversary celebration of Inquiring News which is a newspaper based in Hartford but serves the African American community throughout greater Hartford and Springfield. They donated $7,500.00 to the Wilson Grey YMCA for their Y achievers program.

Launched the Sportsman Channel #729 on Sportsman Entertainment pak. Deadline for submitting community access reports for each PEG studio was February 15. He believes he has received everyone's copy but if you have not sent it to him yet, please do so.

Committee Reports:

A T & T

Nothing new.

Statewide Advisory Council:

No new information.

Legislative Committee Report:

Nothing to report.

Public Relations Committee Report:

Nothing new to report.

Nominating Committee:

Nothing new to report.

Chairman's Report: Most memos concerning the DPUC are available on the web-site for the DPUC (www.state.ct.us/dpuc/database/htm)

See Attached.

Dick advised that he did contact Mark Hartunian regarding working on the HACTAC scholarship program. He will think about it get back to Dick. Dick suggested that if there is anyone here that would like to take the program on please consider it.

Dick also advised that the Cloud program is a very new, very interesting and is very individualized. It is up to the station to decide what they want it to do more than a franchise. Some stations are raising funds for the project through sponsorships of the program.

HACTAC e-mail address: HACTAC@yahoo.com


None received.

Old Business:

Nothing to review.

New Business:

Nothing to review.

Schedule 2013-2014:

Sept. 18, 2013 Hartford
October 16, 2013 East Hartford
November 20, 2013 Windsor
December No Meeting
January 15, 2014 Simsbury - Holiday Meeting
February 19, 2014 West Hartford
March 19, 2014 Simsbury
April 16, 2014 Hartford
May 21, 2014 Bloomfield
June 18, 2014 Comcast - Berlin


As there was no additional information to be brought before the Board, a motion was made by Dave Raney and second by Carol Hartman to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Next Meeting and Location:

The next meeting will be on April 16, 2015 in Hartford.